• Recognition Of Our City’s Students

    Dear Residents,

    This past City Council meeting (April 7, 2015) gave our City the chance to recognize the students in Alpine Independent School District that qualified for state level competition in: Science, History and Robotics.  It’s extremely important for our community to congratulate the youth on their academic accomplishments.

    For those of you who were not able to attend, here’s a recap of the honorees:

    High School History Fair

    Senior Individual Documentary
    Marco Mata: Blais-ing Through the Principles of Physics: Leadership and Legacy of Blaise Pascal – Alpine High School

    Senior Individual Exhibit

    Grace Jahn: Samuel Colt: Firing a Mark on History – Alpine High School

    Sammy Villarreal: Stan Lee: Comics Through the Ages – Alpine High School


    Middle School History Fair

    Individual Exhibit

    Dalee Sullivan: Caligula: 2,400 Days of Terror

    Group Documentary
    Italia Anaya and Skye Valenzuela: The Queen that Betrayed her Country: Marie Anttoinete

    Amelia Zimmer, Brady Crump, Danni Akers and Blake Billings: George Washington: Leading the Revolutionary War

    Group Interpretive Website
    Kaleb Crump, Tristin Zimmer, Isayah Martinez: Why People Come to Alpine, TX

    Gabby Garcia, Katelyn Lilley, and Marie Muniz: The Legacies of a Few Government Officials

    Individual Historical Paper
    Macy Moslbee: General L. Bulis: Whirlwind of the West

    Riley Spencer: From Island…To Dreaded Island


    Middle School Robotics

    Group Invention
    Angeline De Guia, Cheyenne Rondeaux, Dominic Smith, and Hunter Ynostrosa: CycleBot: Making everyday Recycling Easier


    Middle School Science

    Individual Project Entry
    Tristin Zimmer: Riding On The Sky – Hovercraft

    Nayeli Soto: Burn Food Burn

    Sydney Anderson: Doggy Oral Hygiene


    The City appreciates the hard work displayed by all the students and the support that comes from their parents, teachers and administrators.

    Have a great weekend,

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager

  • City of Alpine Streets

    road image

    Dear City of Alpine,

    As we all are keenly aware, many of the roads in Alpine have seen their better days. Driving through town, one can not help but notice the condition of the roads and the many potholes that have developed.

    It’s easy to blame the recent run of bad weather (continuous rain, ice, etc…) and that certainly plays a part in the breakdown of our roads. Asphalt, whether a hot-mix or a chip seal, does not like water to get beneath it.

    We also have numerous repairs to our water, sewer and gas infrastructure that require us to cut through the asphalt and create disruption and heightened opportunities for potholes.
    The critical piece of the puzzle that city staff has been compiling recently is a thorough understanding of: the lifespan of roads, rehabilitation intervals, maintenance intervals, equipment needed, staff needed and pothole remediation. I will have an agenda item at this upcoming City Council meeting to discuss the findings and hopefully encourage some robust dialogue on remediation planning. I encourage our citizens to attend and listen/participate as you feel inclined.

    We will also post the presentation to this very important topic on our City of Alpine website after the meeting.

    Roads and Buildings are two of our most important assets that the City owns. How we invest in and maintain them over a period of time is critical. Because Alpine is such a ‘walkable’ town, we also want to ensure the avenues are in good function for vehicle, foot and bike traffic.

    Thanks for the continued comments and calls in to City Hall. We look forward to seeing some of you at our April 7th City Council meeting.

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager

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