• HOT Funding Applications

    Dear Citizens,

    The City Staff posted the FY2015-16 Proposed Budget yesterday and have scheduled a second budget workshop to be held next Tuesday August 4th at 3:30pm in Council Chambers.

    Parallel to this process, we wanted to post the applications for HOT fund requests for FY2015-16.  We are requesting that all applications be filled out and submitted by August 31, 2015.  Our review committee will be assimilating those requests and providing a recommendation to Council for HOT fund usage during the month of September.

    Please feel free to call our offices with any questions or needed dialogue.

    Cheers and have a great weekend!

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager

  • High Weeds and Vegetation

    Citizens of Alpine,

    Our community has been blessed this year with tremendous rainfall. In fact, we have received a little over 11.71 inches of precipitation in 2015. The area typically averages 15.4 inches of precipitation annually, so we are well on a pace to exceed the average.

    Along with the increased levels of moisture come more aggressive growth of vegetation and weeds. One of the challenges our Code Enforcement officer continues to face is the communication back to property owners to help keep their weeds down and yards maintained. Not only does this help present a better aesthetic appeal, it also helps cut down on wild animal and reptile nesting, plus assists with fire prevention.

    One of the common questions that presents itself at City Hall is the responsibility of the parkways and roadways adjacent to homes and businesses. The specific Ordinance that Alpine has adopted is 54-203 and can be found on our City Website (http://cityofalpine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Chapter-54-HEALTH-AND-SANITATION.pdf). Within that section, our governing body has outlined that: ‘A person has committed an offense if the person owns, occupies, or controls any real property and fails to maintain the parkway adjacent to the property free of weeds and grass that exceed an average of 12 inches in height.” The City does not maintain a staff that mows parkways adjacent to personal and commercial property, rather has enacted ordinance and tax structure to allow for property owners to maintain their own and keep the tax levels down.

    We ask that all property owners and citizens take the time to review the ordinance and help to improve the aesthetics and safety in the community by adhering to the adopted law.

    Thank you and please feel free to reach out to City staff or your elected representative for further dialogue on this topic.

    Have a great rest of the week,

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager

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