• TML Resolutions Committee

    Dear Citizens,

    Councilor Jim ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald and City Attorney Mick McKamie are both part of the Texas Municipal League (TML) Resolutions Committee that met prior to this years Annual Conference.  The purpose of the Resolutions Committee is to look at upcoming legislative matters and other elements that impact cities in Texas and determine TML’s stance on the topic(s).

    A list of this years ‘Resolutions’ can be found on this link.

    Fitz can also be contacted if you would like to hear his perspective on the meeting.

    Thank you and have a great day in Alpine.

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager

    TML 2016 Resolutions Committee Output


  • Thank You For The Help

    Dear Community,

    I wanted to take a few moments to thank all those who have helped with the search for Ms. Zuzu Verk.  There were many volunteers out walking/searching through Alpine and the surrounding areas.  It’s a real tribute to the caring sense of our community.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her parents, family and friends.

    Special thanks to our local Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, EOC team, and Fire Department for their work and efforts through the past week.

    If anyone has additional information on the case, please call 432.837.3486.

    Kindest Regards,

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager

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