• April 2017 Water Bills

    Dear Citizens,

    The City of Alpine is aware that a large percentage of residents have not received their water bill this month.  We have confirmed through our billing vendor that they did deliver all the bills to the United States Postal Service on March 29, 2017.  The USPS is trying to locate the remainder of the bills for delivery.  Residents can come into City Hall or call and speak to Melissa or Cora, to get their total bill amount.  Please remit your monthly bill payment as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your inquiries and patience,

    City of Alpine Staff

  • How Cities Work

    Dear Citizens,

    Texas Municipal League puts out a host of information annually for the benefit of cities and their citizens.  Recently, they’ve shared a great article on How Cities Work.

    The article is extremely informative and gives insight to many of the piece-parts Texas cities deal with throughout the year.  Click HERE for a copy of the article.

    Thanks to our new City Secretary, Kalea Cotton, for sharing this article.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy Alpine,

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager

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