• FY2017-18 Proposed Budget

    Dear Citizens,

    The Proposed Budget is now available on the website and a copy is available for viewing at City Hall.

    You can find the digital copy on our homepage or by clicking HERE.

    Please feel free to reach out to Erik Zimmer or Megan Antrim with any questions.

    We will be having two public hearings on the tax rate and a public hearing on the proposed budget.  The dates and times will be announced after next weeks City Council meeting.

    Have a great rest of the week in Alpine,

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager

  • New City Secretary

    4 August 2017

    For Immediate Release

    City of Alpine – City Secretary

    It is with great pleasure that the City Council for the City of Alpine announces the appointment of Cynthia Salas as the new City Secretary.  She will assume her duties effective Monday August 7, 2017.

    Better known as Councilor Salas, Cynthia has served the City of Alpine over the last three-plus years as the City Councilor representing Ward 2.  In that capacity, she has served our community diligently and with great care.  She has always been accessible to the Citizens and thoughtful about her approach to good governance.

    The shift over to the City Secretary position will be a natural fit for Cynthia and the new challenges the role brings will be hit head-on.  The City anticipates Cynthia will deliver the consistency and professional acumen that we all grew accustomed to with during the eleven years Molly Taylor was at the helm.

    Please join us in welcoming Cynthia Salas to the role of City Secretary.  She can be reached at City Hall or through the email – city.secretary@ci.alpine.tx.us.

    For further information on Cynthia’s background, please click on the following link.

    The City Charter requires our Council to appoint her replacement on the City Council as she is not able to serve in both capacities.  They will contemplate the replacement at our upcoming meetings.  

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend in Alpine

  • Hotel Occupancy Tax – 2017/18 Application and Guidelines

    Dear Citizens,

    It’s that time of year again for our organizations looking to utilize the HOT fund to start preparing their applications.  The packet can be downloaded from the front page of the City website or by clicking here

    The City will be proposing a greater revenue and expense budget this year due to the continued growth of tourism and hotel stays.  We also have several new AirBnB’s and other short term rentals coming on line and contributing to the fund.

    We are encouraging new events to start-up this year in an effort to fill in the gaps with less weekend activities.

    Please feel free to reach out to Stewart, Chris or myself with any questions.

    Have a fabulous weekend in Alpine.

    Erik Zimmer, City Manager


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