Regular City Council Meeting, Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

City of Alpine

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Regular City Council Meeting, Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, 6:00 P.M.
Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Alpine, Texas will hold a
Regular meeting at 6:00 P.M. on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 in the Council
Chambers, at 803 West Holland, in the City of Alpine, Texas for the purpose of
considering the attached agenda. This notice is posted pursuant to the Texas Open
Meetings Act. (Section 551.043, Texas Government Code).


Members of the audience will be provided an opportunity to address the Council
before agenda items are discussed. The audience is also allowed to comment
during the discussion of the agenda items with the Council. Please speak into the
microphone located at the podium and state your name and address. If you have a
petition or other information pertaining to your subject, please present it to the
City Secretary. State law generally prohibits the Council from discussing or taking
any action on any issue not included on the agenda, but, if appropriate, the
Council may schedule the topic for future discussion or refer the matter to staff.


1. Call to Order, Invocation and pledge of allegiance to the flag ––
2. Determination of a quorum and proof of notice of the meeting –
3. Presentations, recognitions and proclamations –
A. Proclamation for American Electric Power. (A. Rangra, Mayor)

4. Reports –
City Mayor’s Report –
City Attorney Report –
City Manager Report –
City Staff Updates –

Deborah Pattison, Interim Finance Director
Robert Polanco, Code Enforcement
Judge Schlosser, Municipal Judge
Russell Scown, Chief of Police
Virgil Clark, Interim Utilities Director
Randy Guzman, Gas Department Manager
Martha Latta, Recycling Coordinator
Hector Ramirez, Director of Public Works
Johnny Galvan, Airport Manager

5. Citizens Comments (on agenda items) –

6. Public Hearings –

A. Public Hearing in order to obtain questions and comments concerning
Ordinance 2013-12-01, an Ordinance of the City of Alpine, Brewster
County, Texas, authorizing the collection of fees, fines, court costs and
other charges by credit card or by electronic processing; establishing a
fee for processing payments by credit card; providing for a service fee
for a credit card that is not honored by the credit card company on
which the funds are drawn; providing for authority to contract with a
company that issues credit cards to collect and seize credit cardsissued by the company that are out dated or otherwise unauthorized and a fee for return credit cards; establishing authority for access to
public information and services through the internet; establishing a fee
for providing information through the internet to recover costs; and
authorization to contract with a vendor to provide services and
collection of payments through the internet on behalf of the City of
Alpine. (E. Zimmer, CM)

7. Consent Agenda – (Minutes, Financial reports, Department written
reports, board appointments, etc.) –

A. Discuss and Consider approval of the minutes of November 5th, 12th and 18th, 2013 (A. Rangra, Mayor)

B. Approve accounts payable. (E. Zimmer, CM)

8. Information or Discussion items –
Action items to be accompanied by a brief statement of facts, including
where funds are coming from, if applicable. (Action items limited to 15 per

9. Discuss and Consider approving second and final reading of Ordinance
2013-12-01, concerning approval of on-line credit card payment processing
through Traffic, LLC for the collection of Municipal Court
revenues. (E. Zimmer, CM)

10. Discuss and Consider approving Lease Covering Use of Railroad Property
at Alpine, Texas to allow the City to use right of way on the north side and
south side of the tracks in between Lackey and Cockrell streets for non-
exclusive roadway use and abatement of vegetation and trash. (E. Zimmer,

11. Discuss and Consider invoicing Paragon Corporation for problems
due to a bore through alleyway, experienced at Holland Avenue property, in
the amount of $7,739.49. (E. Zimmer, CM)

12. Discuss and Consider rental of additional tables and chairs for events at the
Civic Center to help defray purchase costs. (E. Zimmer, CM)

13. Discuss and Consider installing emergency shut-off valve for gas
department. (E. Zimmer, CM)

14. Discuss and Consider rescheduling workshop date with Hill Country
Software to help Council members understand how the software works. (A.

15. Discuss and Consider approval of the 180 day plan for the City Manager.
(E. Zimmer, CM)

16. Citizen’s Comments (limit 3 minutes) –

17. Council Member’s Comments and Answers –

18. Executive Session –

A. Consider Grievance Appeal Hearing for ViCindy Barnett. (E. Zimmer,

B. Consider reviewing applications and hiring new City Attorney for City
of Alpine. (E. Zimmer, CM)

C. Consider reviewing applications and recommendation from City
Manager concerning Finance Director position. (E. Zimmer, CM)

19. Action- Executive Session –

A. Action, if any, concerning Grievance Appeal Hearing for ViCindy Barnett
(E. Zimmer, CM)

B. Action, if any, concerning the hiring of a new City Attorney for the City of
Alpine. (E. Zimmer, CM)

C. Action, if any concerning the hiring of a finance director upon
recommendation of City Manager. (E. Zimmer, CM)

20. Adjournment –

I certify that this notice was posted at 3:15 P.M. on January 3rd, 2014, pursuant
to Texas Open Meetings Act (Texas Government Code Section 51.043).This facility
is Wheel Chair accessible and accessible parking space is available. Requests for
accommodations or interpretive services must be made 48 hours prior to this
meeting. Please contact the City Secretary’s Office at (432)837-3301 or fax
(432)837-2044 for further information.
Margaret “Molly” Taylor, City Secretary

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