The rechargeable batteries of many types of specialized radio equipment and tools
can now be rebuilt to meet or exceed original specs.
For some other ways to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE visit
Smart2BeGreen link

 holiday_recycling_thHoliday reuse of gallon milk jugs!

Apply all the steps of purchase discussed under Reduce. Reusing products delays or avoids having them end up in the landfill. How can you practice reuse? Donate, repair, refill, reuse, rent, rebuild, resell. Think of new uses for used items. We can lessen our affect on the environment by buying used or pre-owned items such as clothing, furniture, appliances,automobiles, homes, and everything in-between. Used items usually cost us less than buying “new,” and reduce production costs to the environment.tumbled_glassA great example of reuse is glass. Glass bottles and jars that are brought to the Hal Flanders Recycling Center are processed nearby. The glass is crushed and tumbled, resulting in a pea-sized, smooth-edged aggregate that is perfect for using as mulch. Look for it used in various landscape applications throughout Alpine.

In addition to supporting local thrift stores and garage sales, we can use Freecycle to find new homes for items we no longer want. Freecycle is a local (Brewster County) email network where anyone can post something they want to give away.To swap, buy, or sell items, another local online network is Brewster County Swap.

Both of these email groups are a great way to keep useable items out of the landfill and build community at the same time!

Other great ideas for reuse include compostingrainwater catchment systemsgrey-water systems, and shredding used paper to make papercrete. Reusing items is only as limited as your imagination.

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