Buildings & Standards Commission

Ward 1 – Rawles Williams
Ward 2 – Bob Savery
Ward 3 – Glenn Criddle
Ward 4 – Gerri Davis
Ward 5 – Vacant
Alternate 1 – Clayton Shoot
Alternate 2 – David Busey

Enabling Statute:
Local Government Code, Chapter 54, Sec 54.033
A commission panel may:
(1) order the repair, within a fixed period, of buildings found to be in violation of an ordinance;
(2) declare a building substandard in accordance with the powers granted by this subchapter;
(3) order, in an appropriate case, the immediate removal of persons or property found on private property, enter on private property to secure the removal if it is determined that conditions exist on the property that constitute a violation of an ordinance, and order action to be taken as necessary to remedy, alleviate, or remove any substandard building found to exist;
(4) issue orders or directives to any peace officer of the state, including a sheriff or constable or the chief of police of the municipality, to enforce and carry out the lawful orders or directives of the commission panel;
(5) determine the amount and duration of the civil penalty the municipality may recover as provided by Section 54.017

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