Parks and Recreation

There is created and established for the city, being a home rule municipality, a parks and recreation board which shall be composed of five members, each of whom shall represent one of the five election wards of the city. The members shall be resident citizens, taxpayers and qualified voters of the city. The members shall be recommended by a council member representing each ward and shall be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the city council. The members shall serve terms of two years. The general purposes of the parks and recreation board shall be to receive suggestions, study situations, plans, projects and generally to act in an advisory capacity to such extent as the city council may desire to be advised, relative to the parks and recreation program of the city and, when requested by the city council, to interview applicants for positions, discuss employee relationships and make such reports as the council may request regarding such, to the end that the council may have the benefit of the opinions of the interested citizens and groups who have time, and are willing to make more in depth study of, and reports on, park and recreation matters that time will not permit the council to engage in, considering the variety of other city business to be dealt with.

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