City Elections

May 1, 2015
Citizens of Alpine,

Our City is currently holding their annual city elections. This year, the elected Council positions for Wards 1, 3 and 5 are up for consideration. During even numbered years, the Mayor position and Ward 2 and 4 Council positions are contemplated.

Early voting started this week, Monday April 27th and will run through Tuesday May 5th. The general date of election will be next Saturday, May 9th.

I have the opportunity to work with all the elected officials on a weekly basis and find the vocation of City Manager to be very rewarding. It is through engagement in the community that one can begin to make difference in shaping the future. National and State politics can feel distanced from ones perspective, but it is at the local level that you begin to feel empowered and capable of creating redirection.

Eric Liu gave a talk on Tedx Talks last August that inspired me and helped better articulate why citizens should get engaged at the local level. I’ve attached the video for easy access.

If you live in Ward’s 1 or 3, I encourage you to come out and vote this cycle (Ward 5 is not being contested). Early voting continues today through 5pm and on Monday (8a-5p) and Tuesday (until 7p). The general election date is next Saturday May 9th from 7am to 7pm.

Shortly after the new Council is in place, selection and re-selection of Boards and Commissions supporting the City will commence. If you have 8-10 hours a month to volunteer to our community, I encourage you to reach out to your Council person and express an interest.

Thank you all for your commitment to our community and support of Alpine and Brewster County. We certainly have momentum on our side and an inspiring backdrop for action.

Erik Zimmer, City Manager