Code Enforcement â?? Building Permits

Code Enforcement – Building Permits

August 14, 2014
Earlier this week, our Code Enforcement Officer (Robert Polanco) and I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Ray Hendryx at our local radio station. We felt it would be a great venue to share some thoughts on our local ordinances, permitting process, etc… in an effort to enhance our communication with the citizens of Alpine.

Ray and his family have been great ‘Advocates for Alpine’ through the years and we appreciate his willingness to invite us in for the discussion. Any opportunity the City has to summarize the key items that arise within our departments and share publicly will come as a benefit to our citizens.

We had candid discussion about illegal dumping, junk vehicles, when to get a permit, etc… Please take some time to listen to the interview and get some of your questions answered.

If you’re in doubt as to the requirements of an ordinance or the permitting process, please feel free to call Mr. Polanco or City Hall and ask for direction. We are here to serve the community and help facilitate the ordinances and laws that are in place.

Have a great day,

Erik Zimmer, City Manager