Free Mulch

June 9, 2016
Dear Citizens,

We’ve had some recent questions regarding brush/limb drop-off and acquisition of free mulch from our Hal Flanders Recycle Center.

Here are some bullet points to help answer those questions:

The City has recently received a $9221 grant from our Rio Grande Council of Government Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC Grant) to pick up brush around the City and mulch the materials for City resident usage.

The City has hired a vendor to pick up the brush adjacent to dumpsters and parkways throughout the City. They will be picking up that brush through next Friday (June 17th).
We have re-opened the Recycle Center for resident brush and limb drop off. The hours that we are open for drop off are 8a-12p Tuesday through Saturday.

We currently have a lot of mulch already at the Recycle Center and you can pick that up between 8a-12p Tuesday through Saturday. That mulch was made last year and is still available at no charge.

Between June 20th and July 15th, we will have a ‘tub-grinder’ mobilized to Alpine and mulch all the new brush and limbs at the Recycle Center. This is part of the SWAC Grant.
After completion of the mulching, we will have even more for folks to utilize across the City. I do anticipate Patsy McWilliams and our Keep Alpine Beautiful Team to come up with some sort of contest on mulching usage in the City.

Thank you for the questions. If I was unable to answer them all, or you have additional questions, please call me at City Hall.

Thank you and have a wonderful day in Alpine,

Erik Zimmer, City Manager