Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Funding Applications

Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Funding Applications

August 10, 2016
Dear Citizens,

Our annual applications for the HOT Funding has been posted on the front page of our website or by clicking on this link. Please download if you are planning on applying this year or pass this note on to someone else who is considering.

We continue to have a thriving tourism program in Alpine and have welcomed many visitors this year. The HOT fund allows us to expand our reach through aggressive advertising programs and incubation of new and upgraded events attracting new people to our community.

Included in the packet is our cover letter, the application itself and the state guidelines we follow. Stuart and Chris will also host another meeting this fall outlining how our general tourism advertising program can be utilized to create a greater sense of energy and enthusiasm regarding all of our events.

Have a super rest of the week in Alpine. I hope you are enjoying the rain as much as I am.

Erik Zimmer, City Manager