New Website Welcomes You

March 31, 2014
City of Alpine, welcome to our newly updated website. Earlier this year we opted to transition from the older website platform to one that is easier to manage and more interactive for our citizens.

Hats off to one of our employees, Glenn Losoya, for developing the site (with the help and input from many of our staff team). This has provided great benefit to the city: 1. it gives us more latitude in making updates and changes 2. it helps us keep our costs down by not having to outsource the building and modifications to the site.

We continue to embark on many changes within our operating parameters as a city and look forward to a more transparent approach with our citizens. We believe the newer website will be a part of realizing this goal. Part of the new site will be a City Manager’s blog. I intend to use the blog to share ideas and thoughts with the community.

Take a look at the site and enjoy. Please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments as you see fit.

Erik M. Zimmer