Parks Meeting â?? Wednesday December 16th

Parks Meeting – Wednesday December 16th

December 10, 2015
Dear Citizens,

We have our next Parks Board meeting this upcoming week and I invite all of you to attend. We are reviewing all parks that the City maintains, plus open spaces owned and maintained by Sul Ross, the County and AISD. We will also be reviewing any covenants regarding use of these spaces.

The Boards next step will be to survey the residents about needs, uses and future ideas/wants. We anticipate having that survey out by the end of December.

One final note: on the radio today it was mentioned by Mr. Oscar Cobos that I recommended closing some parks (naming Baines and Medina Parks in particular). Point of clarity, I have never mentioned nor considered closing Baines or Medina Parks. I have recommended that the City look at all open spaces that we maintain and the Board make a recommendation back to Council on which parks are most important to the Citizens and how we will financially maintain these parks. For those who attended the Parks Board meeting in November heard that message.

Thank you and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Being actively engaged in our local boards and our annual budget process by our citizens is critical to our communities long term health.

Erik Zimmer, City Manager