Signage Around Town

January 15, 2016
Dear Citizens,

City Hall has received numerous questions recently about the volume of ‘A’ frame type signs popping up around downtown as well as other posters depicting garage sales, etc…

I’m attaching our current Sign Ordinance to this posting (Ch 78 Signs) that depicts the current expectations our Elected Officials have outlined. It’s good to have people review the Ordinance before posting signs or hiring someone to make signs for your business. The City is certainly sensitive to our residents First Amendment Rights and our administration of the Ordinance keeps that in mind.

With regards to the ‘A’ frame type signs – it’s important that they are not put in the middle of a public right-of-way (ie…sidewalk or street). Most owners put them on their own property and that is okay. With regards to the paper signs attached to the light-poles, that is restricted and we need people to refrain from hanging them.

As always, please feel free to call City Hall or our Code Enforcement Officer (Mr. Robert Polanco) if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend,

Erik Zimmer, City Manager