Thank You To Many Local Businesses

Thank You To Many Local Businesses

September 12, 2016
Dear Citizens,

Last Thursday was a difficult day for our community and one that will resonate for all those involved and impacted. As our law enforcement was working through the incidents at the high school, we had other threats posing danger at our University and Hospital.

The City was able to open the Civic Center and provide a place for our University Students to go that lived on campus and were stranded from their dorms. Many local businesses and individuals reached out to provide food and items of comfort for the students.

We’d like to thank: Ben E. Keith, True Value (Bob Ward), Porters (both Stores and Employees), The Triangle, Frito Lay (David Pallenez), Quality Inn, McDonald’s, City of Presidio EMS, Subway, American Red Cross, McCoys, Aramark and countless others offering places to stay for students. If I have forgotten to mention anyone, I sincerely apologize.

I am personally grateful to all of our Law Enforcement for their quick responsiveness and decisive actions. Please support our parents, teachers, administrators and school district as they navigate through the healing process with our children.

Erik M. Zimmer, City Manager