Virgil Clark â?? Thank You For Your Service to Alpine

Virgil Clark - Thank You For Your Service to Alpine

October 24, 2014

I wanted to take a few moments to share our sincere appreciation to the work performed by both Virgil and Sharon Clark over the past year. Virgil came back to the City last October as the Director of Utilities in a time of great need. We were straddled with some ongoing violations tied to our Wastewater Treatment Plant and needed someone to step in and provide guidance to our Utility Department. Virgil (with the great help of Sharon) stepped in and help lead us through some upgrades and restoration at the WWTP. Virgil re-retired from the City at the end of September.

Virgil always gave credit to the team for their innovativeness and willingness to accept the challenge. Through that work, we helped build a better team of employees supporting the City.

Special thanks to Virgil for taking the time to think through some of the pre-Engineered projects and search for least costly solutions that still made sense for Alpine. Strategically, this helped us navigate through FY2013-14 and alleviate some of the needs for additional debt spending.

We look forward to continued interaction with Virgil and Sharon in the community.

Erik Zimmer, City Manager