Vision Plan Readout

Vision Plan Readout

Vision Plan Readout

June 14, 2017
Dear Citizens,

Councilor Rick Stephens and I have finally been able to establish a date for the community readout relative to the Vision Plan that the City worked with UTSA on during 2016.

A copy of the flyover and vision plan itself are available on our City website.

The readout will start at 5:30pm next Wednesday June 21, 2017 and will occur at our Civic Center. We encourage all citizens to come out and participate.

We did clear with the School Board to ensure this date does not conflict with their school board meeting. Their meeting is scheduled for the following week.

This comprehensive vision plan has many great elements and opportunities for the City to consider. Please feel free to reach out to me in the interim with any questions.

Kindest regards,

Erik Zimmer, City Manager