City Secretary

City Secretary

The City Secretary & Chief Governance Officer is one of 4 Charter Officers appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  It is also a statutory position required by State Law and the City Charter.  Geoffrey R. Calderon is Alpine's 17th City Secretary. To view the history of those who have served in this role, please visit History of the City Secretary.

Public Service - A Balanced Triangle
Much like the Secretary of State, the City Secretary is the local official who administers democratic processes such as elections, administers access to city records, acts as the recorder and preserver of local government history, and facilitates the City's legislative process ensuring transparency to the public. The City Secretary acts as a compliance officer for federal, state, and local statutes including the Texas Public Information Act and the Texas Open Meetings Act. The City Secretary also manages public inquiries and relationships and arranges for ceremonial and official functions.

It is the mission of the Office of the City Secretary (OCS) to provide quality customer service and equal access to open and transparent government. The City Secretary performs various professional and managerial duties according to Statute and the Municipal Code. The City Secretary also responds to requests of citizens and the needs of various city departments. 


The City Secretary  provides Legislative and Administrative support to the Mayor and Council while responsible for the following:

  • Board and Commission Appointment Process: Recruitment, Applications, and Training.  The City Secretary is the Boards and Commissions Liason for the City Council. 
  • Serves as Records Management Officer (RMO) overseeing the Records Management Program and Public Information Requests.  The City Secretary manages the proper maintenance and disposition of City records and information according to statute and helps to preserve City History.
  • Serves as the Public Information Officer Designee under the City Manager, and is responsible for official communications of the City including Public Relations, maintenance of the City website, Digital Media, and Publications. 
  • Serves as the City's Chief Elections Officer and is responsible for the administration of City Elections. 
  • Oversees the Audio/Visual Production of City Council Meetings.
  • Facilitates the Preparation of Council Meeting Agendas, Packets, and Minutes. 
  • Processes alcoholic beverage permit requests and collects beverage occupancy tax from establishments annually.
The City Secretary facilitates the execution of all official and legislative processes for the City, attesting to the passing of resolutions and ordinances, and attending all City Council meetings. 

The Office of the City Secretary ensures the City's Elections are being conducted in accordance with the Texas Election Code and the City Charter. Responsibilities of administering City Elections include:  

  • Coordinating with Brewster County Elections Administrator for General and Special Elections.
  • Serving as Filing Authority of Candidate Applications, & Candidate and Officeholder Campaign Finance Contribution/Expenditure Reports.
  • Drafting and reviewing Ballot Information, Election Notices, Ordinances, and Orders
  • Ensuring the integrity of elections and assuring City adherence to the Texas Election Code.
  • Overseeing the accurate translation of Election Documents. 
  • Posting and Publishing Legal Notices. 
  • Monitoring the Vote Totals on Election Day.

See the City ELECTIONS page. 

Businesses that wish to apply for a liquor license/beer permit from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission are required to obtain the City Secretary's signature on the form. The signature is obtained after completing the permit process.

The Office of the City Secretary records official actions and legislation of the municipal government, documenting the proceedings of meetings and retaining other legal and historical records. The City Secretary also serves as the City's Records Management Officer and facilitates responses to all Public Information Requests.  

Find more information about PUBLIC INFORMATION REQUESTS.

The City Secretary coordinates, schedules, and attends all City Council Meetings. To view City Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes, please select from the options below:

View all City Council Agendas.

View all City Council Minutes.

The cumulative legislation of the City of Alpine is codified into the City's Municipal Code, also known as the Code of Ordinances. Individual Ordinances and Resolutions from 2021 and after are also available in our Code of Ordinances. To view the individual City Ordinances and Resolutions, please visit our Code of Ordinances and select the document icon labeled "Browse additional online documents."

The City of Alpine retains additional meeting documents in addition to the collection available online. If you are looking for a particular document that is not available online, please submit a Public Information Request. Questions may be directed to the Office of the City Secretary.

City Secretary & Chief Governance Officer
Geoffrey R. Calderon,  TRMC
city.secretary@cityofalpine.comCouncil Chambers

Records Clerk
Alexandra L. Tackett

(432) 837-3301
Cell: (432) 538-2002
Fax: (432) 837-2024

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