Billing & Customer Service

Billing & Customer Service

Utility Billing
City HallCarmen Rodriguez, Customer Service Clerk
Phone: 432-837-0047: Option 2
Fax: (432) 837-2044

Water Utility Billing & Customer Service

Lupita Celaya, Customer Service Clerk
Phone: 432-837-0047: Option 2
Fax: (432) 837-2044

Gas Utility Billing & Customer Service
Amanda Rubio, Customer Service Clerk
Phone: (432) 837-0047: Option 3
Fax: (432) 837-2044
City Hall
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00am -12:00pm
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
Forms of payment at location:
Cash, check or money order.

Drop box available 24/7 next to City Hall.

100 N 13th St
Alpine, Texas 79830

Online Water Utility Payments
Water Bill Link

Online Gas Utility Payments
Gas Bill Link

Customer Forms
Fee Schedule

In Case of a Water Emergency please contact:
1.) Alpine Police Department Non-Emergency Line
      (432) 837-3486

In Case of a Gas Emergency please contact:
1.) 24/7 Emergency Phone Contact
    (432) 297-1529

2.) Alpine Police Department Non-Emergency Line
      (432) 837-3486

Flat Rate Billing
The City of Alpine offers flat-rate billing for water service. This allows the customer to pay the same amount each month.

Here is how it works:

  • The Utility Department averages the amount that the account was charged for water during the prior 12 month period.
  • This amount is added to the current monthly charge for sewer, garbage, and recycling.
  • The customer agrees to pay this amount each month.
  • The flat-rate amount is recalculated each October.

To find out more about flat rate billing, visit the City Utility Department or call 837-0047.

Monthly Sewer Rates

Sewer charges are based upon the amount of water used by the customer. Charges are re-calculated each October. The average monthly water usage (used to calculate sewer charges) is based on the prior December-February period.


The City of Alpine owns a landfill east of the city. The landfill is contract operated by Texas Disposal Systems. All questions concerning Refuse Service should be referred to Texas Disposal Systems at 837-0845.

For City of Alpine sanitation rates please call: (432) 837 - 3301

Residential accounts located outside the city limits are charged 1.5 times the in-city rate.

Refuse Charges are subject to local and state Sales Tax.

Citizens who live outside the city limits and desire to deposit their household refuse in a city container must purchase a Refuse Permit. 

Commercial establishments that need dedicated refuse containers with specific pick-up schedules should contact Texas Disposal Systems at 837-0845.

City of Alpine Landfill Rates are set by the contract with the waste hauler contractor.