Municipal Court

Alpine Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is committed to providing those we serve with impartial and efficient delivery of justice for Class "C" Misdemeanors and parking violations while accomplishing the duties incumbent upon it by the City of Alpine and the State of Texas. It is the intention of the court to treat all citizens that come before the court with respect, dignity, and courtesy.


Municipal Court Judge
Elizabeth Lewis

City Prosecutor
Chris Gad

Court Clerk                   
Linda Stewart

Contact Info:
Phone: (432) 837-0808 
Fax: (432) 837-9468
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Alpine Municipal Court Office
100 N 13th St.
Alpine, Texas 79830

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 12:00 pm &
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Alpine Municipal Court Hearings

Council Chambers
 803 West Holland Ave
Alpine, Texas 79830

Municipal Court is held in the Council Chambers, located at 803 West Holland, Alpine, Texas. You must be scheduled to appear. See the Court Schedule for upcoming court dates. For a listing of those scheduled to appear, click the applicable docket on the left.

Note: Dockets are posted before the court setting.  You can view the dockets here:

Court Dockets


If you were issued a ticket from a City of Alpine Police Officer you must appear either in person or by mail by that date.  Your appearance date is listed on your citation directly below your electronic signature. This Appear on or Before date is usually 10 calendar days from the date of offense. The Alpine Municipal Court does not require your appearance before the judge in open court if you are an adult. You have options to dispose of your citation at your convenience at the Municipal Court Clerk's Office, as long as you do so on or before the appearance date listed.  

If your appearance is by mail, your plea must be postmarked on or before the appearance date. Neither telephone calls nor fax transmissions constitute an appearance.

You can request a trial by Judge or Jury.

You may pay a citation or fines by mail, online at, by phone at 1-844-507-3651 Monday - Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm or in person at the Municipal Court Building.  If you are paying the citation online, it is recommended that you call the Municipal Court office at (432) 837-0808 and request the correct amount due.


About Your Appearance:
Your signature on a citation is not a plea of guilt, it's a promise to appear.  Failure to appear or make arrangements on a citation/charge can result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and additional cost being assessed against you.

Citations issued to minors; a person under the age of 17, must appear with a parent or guardian.  All juveniles must contact the court in person or by mail on or before the appearance date on the citation to be reset for a court date. Juveniles must appear in open court before the Judge with their parent or legal guardian on the reset date. 

No person other than the person or their attorney who received the citation may enter a plea. Plea options are as follows:



This means you admit that the act is prohibited by law and that you committed the act charged. Before entering a plea of guilty you should first understand the following:

  • The State has the burden of proving that you violated the law.
  • You have the right to hear the State’s evidence and to require the State to prove you violated the law.
  • A plea of guilty can be used against you in the event of a subsequent civil suit.


This means you do not contest the State’s charge against you. You will be found guilty, unless you are eligible and complete a driver safety course or deferred disposition.  A no-contest plea may not be used against you in a subsequent civil suit for damages.


This means you are denying guilt and requiring the State to prove the charge filed against you. After entering a plea of not guilty you will choose to either have your case heard by a jury or waive your right to a jury trial and have a bench trial. 

Attendees to the Alpine Municipal Court should adhere to the guidelines found on Rules of Attire and Conduct.


Attendees to the Alpine Municipal Court should adhere to the following guidelines:


All persons present in a courtroom of the Alpine Municipal Court must be dressed appropriately for the dignity and decorum of a court proceeding and shall wear, at a minimum, a shirt (or blouse, sweater, etc.), pants or skirt, and shoes.

***Make sure you dress appropriately for court. No hats, tank tops, short shirts, low cut shirts or see through materials. Skirts and dresses should come down no less than 3 inches above the knee. If your pants do not fit your waist make sure you have a belt to keep them up. ***

The following attire is deemed by the Court to be inappropriate for Court sessions:

• Shorts, cut-offs, pajamas, swim wear, tank tops, muscle shirts, shirts with exposed midriffs.
• Clothing displaying pictures of words that are derogatory, crude, offensive, profane or disrespectful to the court proceedings.
• Clothing that is dirty, torn, or ragged.
• Provocative or revealing clothing designed or styled to provoke emotion or disruption of Court proceedings.
• Flip-flops.
• Hats, bandanas, sunglasses.
• Men’s shirts must be tucked in for security purposes.

The  Court adopts the following rules of conduct for all Court proceedings:

• All persons scheduled for hearings before the Court shall be present in the courtroom at their scheduled time.
• All persons present in the courtroom shall rise when the Judge enters the courtroom and remain standing until they are instructed to be seated.
• All persons shall address the Judge as “Your Honor” or “Judge,” and address opposing parties, counsel, witnesses, and court officers as “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” Miss,” Dr.,” etc.
• Persons addressing the Court will not talk at the same time as the Judge, opposing counsel, or witnesses are talking and shall not argue with the Judge or court personnel.
• No persons shall approach the Judge’s bench without the Judge’s or Bailiff’s permission.  Persons standing at the Judge’s bench shall not rest their hands or arms on the bench.
• Attorneys shall observe the cannons of ethics, including those dealing with the discussion of cases with representatives of the media; those concerning improper ex parte communications with the Judge and advising their clients and witnesses of local rules of attire and conduct.
• The use of racist, sexist, obscene, or profane language or gestures is prohibited, unless such language or gestures are pertinent to a case being heard by the Court, or are elicited and quoting from facts in the case.
• Any conduct or activity that disturbs or distracts the Judge, the jury, counsel, witnesses, or other Court personnel while Court is in session is prohibited.  Such conduct or activity that may be considered disturbing or distracting includes entering and exiting the courtroom frequently, loud conversations, and crying children.
• Food, chewing gum, candy, tobacco, and drinks are not permitted in the courtroom at any time.  Sealed water bottles are permitted in the courtroom.
• The carrying or possession of knives or weapons of any kind in the courtroom is strictly prohibited.
• The use or operation of electronic devices to record or photograph any Court proceedings without written consent or order of the presiding Judge is prohibited.
• The use or operation of electronic game devices during Court proceedings is prohibited.
• All cell phones or electronic devices must be turned to silent mode or turned off.