Building & Standards

Building & Standards


Place 1: Clayton Shoot  Place 5: Ralph Garcia
Place 2: Robert Savery (Chair) Place 6: Robert Stallard
Place 3: Joshua Rousselow Place 7: Guy Fielder
Place 4: Gerri Davis  

Appendix C Zoning
Section 9. Building and standards commission.
4. The building and standards commission shall:
(a) Use the standards of criteria related to: deterioration of the building and structure, fire hazard, pestilence, structual deformity, inadequate fire safety measures and other conditions as recognized by the building codes adopted by the City of Alpine, Article IX, section 18-260, and Article X, sections 18-21 -284;
(b) Hear evidence and shall, upon finding that the conditions as set out in the ordinances have been met, declare a strucutre substandard.

Code of Ordinances: Chapter 18: Buildings & Building Regulations

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