Hotel Occupancy Tax Grants

Hotel Occupancy Tax Grants

City of Alpine
Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax

Texas Tax Code Chapter 351
allows the City of Alpine to collect Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) from hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts and other lodging facilities. Under state law, the revenue from the HOT may be used only to directly promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry.

Events conducted by your organization may qualify for a grant of HOT Funds if your event or events promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry. Each year, Alpine City Council approves an amount of HOT Funds to be allocated to outside organizations for this purpose. Individual organizations are then awarded an amount based on the scoring criteria set forth in the HOT Fund policy as directed by Texas Tax Code, and the organization’s ability to draw tourism from the outside the area.

There is a two-part test for every expenditure of local Hotel Occupancy Taxes.

Criteria # 1 Every expenditure must DIRECTLY enhance and promote tourism

AND the convention and hotel industry.

Criteria # 2 Every expenditure MUST clearly fit into one of nine statutorily provided categories.

Please follow the links below for the policy guidelines, application and other documents related to the use of HOT funds.

Click the PDF below to download and print out the Hot Grant Application & Guidelines form. After completion, take the completed form to City Hall located at 100 N 13th St, Alpine, TX 79830.

All applications for funding will be due at City Hall by 5:00 pm on Friday June 14, 2024, attention “City Secretary.” Requests that are received past the deadline (even by one minute) will not be considered, so please submit the application promptly.


The tentative consideration and approval of grant awards are scheduled for the July 18th City Council Meeting. For more information about the HOT fund grants please contact the Office of the City Secretary, at (432) 837-3301.

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