Dark Skies Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Workshops

Dark Skies Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Workshops


Current Draft Ordinance 3/3/21
Executive Summary -Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Executive Summary - Spanish
Alpine Lumen Compliance Workbook  Photographer puts spotlight on protecting West Texas night skies
  Article VII - Outdoor Lighting - Current Ordinance  Proposed - Outdoor Lighting Ordinance
 Alpine Lighting Plan Submission Check Sheet  Resources for LED Street Light Advocates
 AMA Adopts Guidance - High Intensity Street Light  AMA Report
 Sample Letter to your neighbor  Light to Protect the Night - IDA & IES
 Sierra La Rana Recognition Press Release  Dark Sky Proclamation
 Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Worshop Plan  Alpine Spec Sheet Bulb Max Light
 Alpine Review IDSC Ordinance Requirements  IDA LED Handout
 October 7, 2020 Agenda  How to persuade people to embrace dark skies
  Economics of Astro Tourism

Final Dark Skies Ordinance Workshop

Ordinance Workshop 2

Preserving Dark Skies Presentation

Ordinance Workshop 1 Recording

Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Workshops
October 7, 2020 Workshop Agenda
Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Plan