New Reports Available Now!

New Reports Available Now!


Geoffrey R. Calderon, City Secretary
432-837-3301, option 1

The Office of the City Secretary (OCS) is pleased to announce the launch of updated monthly and quarterly reports in July 2024! Reports include information regarding City Council meeting statistics, provide an at-a-glance view of legislative documents and actions, and provide information regarding the passage of items by the City Council. It is the goal of our office to increase transparency in city operations, and we look forward to providing the public an additional resource that provides insight to the great things that the City of Alpine Municipal Government is working toward to better our community. 

To view the updated reports, please visit the OCS Reports page. 

We welcome recommendations and feedback that the public might have. Questions or feedback may be provided to or to the Office of the City Secretary at 432-837-3301, option 1.